Changing names

Question: I'm considering a name change for my figure. The name Dudley has worn thin with me, so I'm thinking now of other names and I wonder if any of them get your approval. They are Lenny , Henry, Clyde, Eddie, Fred, Cecil, Jack, Doug, and finally, Dougal. Do you have any thoughts?
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Answer: How long have you been using the name "Dudley" in public (if at all)? It's very hard to change the name of a figure that your repeat audiences have come to know and love. They will be very reluctant to accept that particular figure under a different name. Now, if you've only used that name in your own practice to this point, then there's no problem, other than you may find yourself using the old name from time to time initially - old habits are hard to break!

I'm going to approve of whichever name YOU select. I learned years ago not to try to name another person's kids!

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