Upper teeth

Hi Clinton,I just purchased a vent figure . He also needs new teeth, right now he only has lower teeth. Please let me know if this is possible and what the cost is.
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Answer: When a figure has upper teeth, the jaw unit below it has to be designed in such a manner that it has a recessed area into which the upper teeth will fit when the mouth is closed. In other words, the lower teeth need to be set back a bit with uppers having a serious overbite. As I look at the photo and the way the lower teeth are designed, it appears there is no such provision allowed. I am quite certain that is why the mouth was built without upper teeth. Generally, this is the reason certain dolls and vent figures are built without upper or lower teeth (quite common, actually).
Teeth made of a narrow strip of white art foam could possibly be crafted and placed into position to give the illusion of upper teeth. I'd be willing to try doing that for you.

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