Sign of the times?

I believe the year was 1976 when Clowns of America held their national convention in Denver. I was asked to teach a ventriloquism workshop to the kids in attendance and what an amazing group I had, some of whom are pictured here. They were eager to learn - it was an amazing experience, quite a contrast to what we might observe with similar conventions today where the presence and involvement of youth is more sparse ... sign of the times?


  1. If it doesn't have batteries, or an internet hook up they don't seem to be interested. I see it with my own kids, they will stay inside on a nice day rather than go out and play. I took my kids out to a park on spring break last year, it was a beautiful day, schools were closed , and the park was empty. I have done shows in camps, and see kids in the audience with earphones listening to their ipod, or playing with a Gameboy during a show. Different world.

  2. I find that the kids are often fascinated when they find out my puppets DON'T run on batteries or power.
    You want to see some real fun - just give a few kids some peepers and teach them some basic vent.