Victor upgrade

While you will find me working at repairing or otherwise refurbishing a vent figure most any day of the week, there are some jobs I refer to others rather than accept myself. Such was the case when John Wayne Peel (below) contacted me about adding winkers to "Victor". I've installed winkers in hundreds of figures over the years, but no more. That's a job I now refer to my son, Kevin. So...at my suggestion, John did send "Victor" to Kevin and upon completion of the job, I received these words excerpted from John's recent letter:

"Great! Kevin put in a winker and blinkers. He also made the mouth open wider and replaced all of my pathetic attempts at mechanics. It was a wonderful job and I thank you for recommending him to me.
"I hand painted the shirt and the buckle is from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The hat and all of the accouterments came from a special supplier of Civil War reenactment merchandise. I also painted all the tattoos on his arms (made splendidly by Mary Ann Taylor, by the way.) Thank you once again for making the reconstruction of Victor possible ... I could not be happier that this figure is done and I can now perform with him thanks to you and Kevin!"
John Wayne Peel

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