Evening of fun & laughter

The World Clown Association is holding its annual International Convention in Denver this week. Monday night's show featured "Mr. Puppet" (Bob Abdou) and "Simon" (Randy Christensen), and what a fun show it was! Bob kept everyone on their toes with his fast-paced high energy opening act presentation using multiple ventriloquist and marionette characters. While we've known Bob for years and our paths have crossed on several occasions (see his story in the post below), this was the first time I was able to witness him as a feature performer and it was an absolute delight! And hearing him dedicate the show to Adelia and me was a surprise and honor beyond words.
Randy's entertaing multi-skit closing act as a mime clown was a perfect compliment to the evening's show. Randy's comedic and skillful use of props held every pair of eyes in the house while laughter prevailed. It was a treat to meet up with Randy again.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Clinton. Bob is most certainly a true gift to this craft, but also a wonderful inspiration as well.


  2. Anonymous3/24/2009

    he looks awsome with his puppet