Okay, did we wear you out?

Question: Ok, did we wear you out with your blog? I just know that you didn't run out of good things to say. I noticed that you said ...Daily...Blog.... I hope that means you will post weekly or monthly. Wasn't the original newsletter monthly? Anyway, you know it is difficult to let you retire the blog permanently. Harold G.
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Harold: I plan no further posts on Newsy Vents but I will be posting daily on this new blog - it won't by that much different than the old one from the readers' point of view - but much easier for me. No, I'm not worn out and there is never a lack of things to write about when it comes to ventriloquism. This the 75th anniversary year of the founding of Maher Ventriloquist Studios, I just wanted a fresh approach. Thanks for your comments. Clinton D.

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  1. Although it is a shame that Newsy Vents had to end (It'd become part of my daily routine to read it), I am very happy you will still be writing! You can, of course, expect a few questions from me, as I'm still an amateur. (Compared to most of the other readers that is, heh)