Special Valentine

RC: Hey, Mr. D. - Do you have a valentine for your bride?

Clinton: I sure do, and it is special.

RC: Special, eh?

Clinton: Yep. I've arranged a special two day get-away; two days and two nights, in fact.

RC: Cool. So where are you taking Adelia on this special Valentines get-away?

Clinton: We're going to Pueblo.

RC: What! Dry, barren, on the plains Pueblo, Colorado? You've got to be kidding! There's nothing special about Pueblo, Colorado!

Clinton: Oh, yeah - well, there will be when WE get there.

RC: (Hang on to that dream...)

Clinton: What's that you say?

RC: Ah...I said..."How 'bout some ice cream?"

Clinton: Oh...okay.

RC: (And they call me 'the dummy'...)

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