Building a McElroy Figure

Question: "I took your Maher Course about four or five year ago. Recently I meet Dave Pendleton and saw his McElroy figure. It is very obvious that I cannot afford even a replica. However, I do have good mechanical ability and I have built model airplanes. I wonder if the Greg Claussen Book that describes how to build a McElroy figure would tell me how to build one? Even if it took me two years to build it, it would be well worth it . Please advise." Clive
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Answer: "I have not seen the book of Greg's that you ask about, so I cannot objectively respond to that part of your question. But I have seen several McElroy figures and I can tell you that even with a lifetime of mechanical experience, I would not challenge myself with a McElroy design on my first effort at building a vent figure. That's a bit like buying a book on cake decorating and then expecting to make your first project the most intricate of all multi-tiered wedding cakes! Both approaches would be a guaranteed recipe for frustration, if not outright failure. (And I speak from many year's experience as both figure maker and cake decorator.)"

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  1. Good advice. Start simple and work your way up.