To JD: Your Skinny is one of Mrs. Maher's earlier ones. I can tell by the mechanics. It would have been very rough on the outer surface as she would have finished it. But at some point it had come to me for refinishing and repainting, so it is super nice in appearance. Now it's making its second trip through my shop! Two trips to the "Dr" in 50 years - not bad at all! It still has the original wig. Mrs. Maher always had the maker of the wig (Meyer Jacoby of NY) write the last name of her customer on the underside of the wig - I noticed that name was "Watkins". Another curiosity - she wrote the name of the figure as "Skiny Dugan" (Only one "n" in Skinny) on top the head, under the wig - I guess she was in a hurry like we all get sometimes. There was no date. Probably early 1960s. but that's just a guess.

PS:  Yes, Adelia injured her leg last October and still has limited mobility.  So I'm
"chief cook and bottle washer".  I worked on your Skinny yesterday between loads of laundry.  :-)


  1. Anonymous1/21/2013

    I'd love to see a pic of that Madeleine Maher Skinny figure once your "break" is over! :)