Day 6 -
I have not viewed the DVD that comes with the Little Jeff ventriloquiust doll, but I understand the content is "kid friendly".  However, Kevin told me he talked with a mother who didn't even want their son to be seen using the Little Jeff doll for fear others might recognize the doll's source and somehow get the idea that by letting their son use the doll, they approved of the (adult) content Jeff's show.    Perhaps reaching a bit, but oh, the tangled web we weave....


  1. I have to agree. While Jeff's technique is excellent, I can not condone his style or material. As a parent and a Christian, I find his material very offensive and in no way can I let my children watch or listen to him. In the secular realm, I would say Terry Fator is about the best, but even some of his material is starting to get "borderline." Oh for the "Golden Age" of ventriloquism! Where is the modern-day Edgar Bergens, Paul Winchells, Rickie Laynes, and so on? (I'd say Jimmy Nelsons, but he's still with us.)

  2. Clinton, I agree with what you said, it is reaching, although in my opinion, more than just a bit. When I saw some of the vocabulary in Jeff's routines becoming more "colorful" over the years, for a while, I even stopped watching, so I can understand a parent not wanting to allow their child to watch his shows. But really? Not letting their child be seen with a Little Jeff doll because people might get the idea they approved of Jeff's show? If there are people who are going to judge them like that, are those people they should be worrying about what they think?

  3. Anonymous1/19/2013

    Just look back and think about the skits used by Edgar Bergen and Mae West. Walt Rathbun