NEEDS A FIX (Dummy style)
Question: I have an original Black Willie Talk, with original string, original body and clothing, and my aunt's shoes. His mouth does not close, and I don't know how to fix that so maybe you could help me. Zachary Gilbert
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From Mr. D: Without knowing exactly why the mouth does not close, it's difficult to recommend a fix.  My first suspicion is that the mouth rubber band has broken and needs to be replaced. If your Willie is a stuffed body doll and you plan to use it for vent presentations, I would suggest you have it converted to a hollow body doll with head on headpost.  The mouth could be repaired during this process with the rubber band replaced with a spring.  And you would have a much more usable doll.  The cost for such an upgrade is most definitely worth it and my son provides this service.  You can contact Kevin at: animatedpuppets@charter.net   Kevin's work is outstanding.  You will be very pleased!

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