From Wolfgang Meyer, Hamburg Germany: 
I did not find your homepage for some time. But just now I saw that you are back in business?
Or is that an old page?  I made the Course with you many years ago.That was the best. Have you got them still or again for sale?  I am still working with one of your puppetts.
Dear Wolfgang: 
It is good to hear from you again. We closed Maher Studios in 2006, but I'm still here. I still build a few figures, and yes, I still sell and provide student support for the Maher Course (www.mahercourse.blogspot.com) In fact, I completely revised and expanded the Course content in 2002. I do have a discounted price on the new version for Maher Course "alumni" such as yourself, if you are interested. I so glad to know your study of the lessons is continuing to serve you well after all these years! And I pray it will continue to do so far into the future!  Clinton

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