From Dave Ferdinand:
 I purchased my Clipper figure from you about 14yrs ago in Littleton. I adore him. I know you have a Clipper and was wondering if you have made any adjustments to the length of his arms or legs to make him a little more proportional?

Dave:  Yes, I actually made several adjustments.  Clipper came to me as a 38" figure.  But I actually prefer a more petite size body - even if the head is a little oversize in proportion.  I think it gives the figure an "impish", "pixie" appearance which adds to the character's appeal.  Not to mention that it is easier to handle- less unwieldy.  So I first shortened the body torso itself by about 1.5 inches.  Then I shortened the arms. (I prefer arms to hang at a length so the  base of the thumb is even with the bottom of the torso.)  And I shortened the legs as well - I don't remember how much - just to where I was satisfied with his appearance and handling.  Clinton

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