From James Chaput
I am extremely thankful that you had a house in Littleton that had bad sewer lines and that you called me to fix them or I wold have never gotten into ventriloquism. The agreement between us was that I would clean your sewer line every 3 months for 2 years in exchange for the Maher Course and Clyde. I still have Squeecky, and Clyde.

This picture is from your blog on the 82-83 #500 pro series page, down towards the bottom. The Puppet on the left is buzzard, next to him is Gramps.   The bird in front of Gramps is Squeecky, and the dragon hat is below them. The figure next to these three is Clyde, a Maher Deluxe figure that was my first figure that I learned the Maher Course with. The figure on the right is Johnny a #500 Pro Series figure that got stolen from my plumbing truck in '83. As you know I picked up your last #500 pro series  figure in 2011 who I named Larry, and he ran for president last year. http://www.larrythedummyforpresident.com/
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From Mr. D:  Yes, that big house did have chronic sewer problems.  YOU, Jim, were the only good thing we experienced as a result!   :-)

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  1. Anonymous1/12/2013

    Simple sollution would have been to install a VENT pipe. LOL!! Bill Smith