A couple days ago I gave the eBay link to a copy of Clifford Guest's Course in Ventriloquism that I am selling. 

Here, today, is a link where you can see and hear him in performance:


You'll see the very funny "Baby Cry" routine, some Polyphony (he was the master of sound effects), and finally a funny routine with his vent figure where the figure tries to run away from him rather than being put into the case. 

A few days ago a friend sent me an email asking how I thought he does the "running bit".  I think the figure's pants have very "thin limp legs" within. The weight of the shoes and movements of the torso provide all the exaggerated leg movement. The rest is all acting on Guest's part.  You can watch it and see what you think.  Very simple - very effective and funny!  


  1. Anonymous1/11/2013

    My opinion is control post was fixed to bottom board either by hooks and spring or other connection. This appears to be the case as figure's head position is rigid in sneezing episodes. Below where his hand would hold the control post to move jaw and eye controls was a paddle, centered onto the control post, with a string on the right of the paddle going down and attached to back of lower right leg and same other side for other leg, so that when he did the running routine he could let go of the post and hold onto the paddle alone, either side, and move it up and down, to simulate the running. LeeDean

  2. Winkle and Wags1/11/2013

    Thanks, Mr. D.! Mr. Guest's performance was flawless; an absolute delight. I wondered if it was an optical illusion that he didn't get a well-deserved standing ovation.