Question:  I have read about practising to attain the "vent " position of the tongue .... one article described it this way ..... "stretch the tongue until it touches the roof of the mouth near the back of the front teeth".  Can you enlighten me about this?   Is it best to practise attaining a nasal voice for ease of attaining the most comfortable method of throwing one's voice?
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From Mr. D:  The "resonant" voice (preferred by many) is a bit "nasal". (Avoid "falsetto" - my advice)
Truth is, your tongue is required to nothing in ventriloquist speech it doesn't already do at some point during normal speech. The difference is where and how it varies for producing the consonants in a manner that does not require use of the lips.
Proper Ventriloquist speech production is too lengthy to try to explain in a few written words - I suggest a video where you can WATCH, LISTEN and learn.  And you'll discover the difference between "voice throwing" and creating the "voice throwing illusion" as a ventriloquist.  I have a very excellent instructional DVD by a master vent, Mark Wade. SUCCESSFUL VENTRILOQUISM $12.95 Postpaid. (Payable by Paypal, check or money order.)

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