December 31, 2012
Thinking back over this year, I sincerely thank you for your support via blog visits, contributions, and comments.  Not only during 2012, but those preceeding years as well.  Daily postings would not have been possible without you - nor would they have purpose.
Happy New Year, 2013
Clinton Detweiler 


  1. Chuck Lyons12/31/2012

    Clinton as this old year closes I am happy and proud to have had you as a friend and guide all these years. I look forward to seeing you in July at the ConVention and see you recieve the accolades you so richly deserve for your contributions to this wonderful art. We are blessed to have you as well to know you.

  2. P. Grecian12/31/2012

    Happy New Year, Clinton, and a jillion more. I'm with Chuck on this. The first time you called me by name in a correspondence some years back, I figured I'd arrived, because Clinton Detweiler knew who I was.

  3. I agree whole-heartedly! You have been an inspiration and friend to so many! I thoroughly enjoy your daily blog and personal correspondence. For us, ventriloquially, it has been a wonderful year, and you were a big part of it. Thank you so very much. Stephen and I greatly appreciate everything you've done for us and the art of ventriloquism over all. May you and yours have a joyous and blessed new year!
    Bill & "Larry", Stephen & "Cody"

  4. Winkle and Wags12/31/2012

    Thanks to y-o-u, sir, for the valued information, priceless photos and total dedication you have to this site and all of ventriloquism. May God bless you & yours through the coming new year. Have a safe and happy 2013!

    1. bob steininger12/31/2012

      hi clintion i wish you and your family and the whole vent family a happy and healthy new year looking forward reading your blog in this new year may god bless you all

  5. Happy New Year to you Clinton. You're the person who got me back on the path of entertaining after a long hiatus. I look forward to continued reading of your blog in 2013 and wish you lots of happiness and success! Thanks mate :)