From Animated Puppets:
Let this little fellow "Light up your World". Yes, this is a true Ventriloquist figure with a turning head, moving mouth, and what we call, wide eyes. New, just completed in our shop! In time for Christmas or your next program! He is a talking "Lamp Post" we call home "LP". Watch the face of your audience light up when LP comes to life! LP even comes with his own tripod Ventriloquist stand. His controls are concealed inside the base where he stands. You can also remove LP and use the stand for other puppets or figures. Right now he is a seasonal piece but does not have to be. Change his hat, take off the gifts and he can become an anytime of the year talking prop. This is truly a unique one of a kind creation! LP stands 30" (not including base). And one more added feature.. What would a Lamp Post be if it doesn't light up.. So LP can shine through his head. Yes he lights up! (see eBay pics). Use your creativity and let this guy light up your life!

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