I DID A DOUBLETAKE when I first saw this 1979 photo of Tom Ladshaw with  his figure, "Roosevelt". Roosevelt was stolen later that same year and never recovered.   I have taken a number of figurse in trade over the years - what were the chances the figure I recently refurbished (below) could be the lost figure?  I was hopeful, but at second glance I could see while very similar, they were not one and the same.

About Roosevelt, Tom wrote:
" I actually found  'Roosevelt' originally through a Newsy Vents ad. Bought him from a fellow in Illinois, I believe. I only had him a relatively short time, but he was always a hit with the audiences.
The one you had at auction looks very similar... I'm sure he is probably the same model as Roosevelt (I haven't bothered to go check, but I doubt Craig Lovik offered much of a range of African-American figures!)."
Tom's correct.  Only a handful of this character was produced.  It's only appropriate that "Roosevelt II" is now owned by Tom!


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