I just wanted to let you know my books and coins came today! Thank you so much! The '12-C coins are terrific!  Every ventriloquist who  is serious about the art should have a set. What memorabilia and  heirlooms they will make. You are truly outdoing yourself. I look  forward to someday having a complete set. (Just how many are you  planning, any way?) I especially look forward to the Detweiler coin.  (Face it Clinton, You HAVE to do one. Everyone wants you to and all  want one. You're not going to let your "fans" down, are you? :-)   Bill Matthews
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From Mr. D:  I sincerely appreciate your enthusiastic response to the Hall of Fame coins, Bill.  Thank you for your support of the project!  As for a "Detweiler" coin ... well, perhaps this next year (2013) it may come to pass.   But in the meantime I have two 2013 sets planned (Feb. and June). However it all works out, you'll read it here first!

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