Question: I have a red talking tie I purchased from you a few decades ago, in really good condition. Is it an original, or later produced?
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From Mr. D:  If you have the talking tie where the mouth rotates to open, that is the original design and those ties were built by the creator of the first "Talking Tie", Kevin Detweiler. If the mouth slides up and down to open, that is the more common latter design, produced by Lovik World who had a licensing agreement with Kevin.


  1. Anonymous11/04/2012

    sometimes I think about making a talking tie - great to hear of the two ways that the mouths worked - any idea where the control/switch that controlled the mouth movement was located? Also do you know whether the tie was largely 'untouched" or was the tie say made from timber then recovered with tie material.
    Would be very interested to know, thanks.
    G, Australia.

    1. A pull string on the back side of the tie was pulled to open the mouth. Ordinary clip-on ties were used. Clip-on because it would be difficult to tie a long tie with the mechanical unit inside. It is also important that the tie be made of a material that does not fray when the mouth flap is cut into the face of the tie.