Question: I have a special need. Do you have any suggestions, ideas, etc. on how I can attach or make it look like a larger animal soft vent figure is using a small animal puppet as his vent buddy?
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From Mr. D:   I don't have a practical answer to your question about the "dummy's dummy". The only one's I've seen up close either had a lever extension on the small figure that slipped through a hole in the larger figures torso so the vent could operate the little guy's mouth from inside the larger figure.
Or, several vents have rigged the small dummy so the mouth could be operated by remote control.
I have also seen presentations where the smaller figure is simply held in front of the main figure and the mouth of the small figure operated by the vent's hand that holds it in position, probably with a lever or string control behind the back of the smaller figure.
But all of these I've mentioned (except the wireless) were using a traditional figure. The soft puppet presents unique logistic challenges.


  1. I believe some have used a high-hat stand (foot cymbal on a drum set) to operate the smaller figure by foot. That's how Ray Alan did it with "Johnny" when Lord Charles demonstrated his "ventriloquial prowess."

  2. Anonymous11/04/2012

    I animated the stuffed animal "coonskin cap" on a figure I built (featured on this blog 6/9/11) by using a model airplane control cable. Rather than have the mouth open and close, the face on the hat moves, giving the impression of the mouth moving. The cable is connected simply to the headstick, and an attached ring allows me to use any finger to make the hat move. I'm sure the same idea could make a stuffed animal on a figure's lap appear to be talking.