Personalized Books

Question and Comment:  Years ago you came out with some books that that I had my picture on the front and it had a short course inside. Where could I get more? If you still have that information I would like it so I could some made ... Here is my old course (photo right), that I'm going to train my grandbaby.
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From Mr. D:  You are asking about the "Ventriloquism Revealed" books that were printed with the names and photos a individual ventriloquists on the cover.  The inside pages of the book were written by me and illustrated by David J. Miller.  They were written to introduce people to the art of ventriloquism - what it was, how it was accomplished, and how it could be used.  The book also informed the reader about the NAAV (North American Association of Ventriloquists) who was sponsor of the book.  I was President of the NAAV.  I believe we printed something like 20,000 copies and sold them in lots of 100.   This book publishing arrangement with ventriloquists was discontinued when the NAAV folded as an organization (2004).

Kudos to you for sharing your skill and fun with your grandchild.  What a great gift and legacy!


  1. I still have some of those booklets, I didn't get the ones I ordered personalized, just ordered some to have to give out.

  2. Do you sell copies? Sounds like the writer wants one, I may like a copy my self, sounds like something to collect, Maybe have Mr. D. Autograph it for my kids! If Possible!