Question:  This week I performed for a local Rotary club. An individual asked me what my fees were. He said I should post fees on my web site.

Examples : $100 - Birthday party
$200 - 40 minute general show
$300 - School assemblies
What do you think ?

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From Mr. D:  I would not post fees anywhere. Fees often have to be (or may be) negotiated (up and down). The rates you list seem fair.   While the rates you list seem fair, I believe it would be to your disadvantage to post the fees.
Once you quote a price to a client, I would not agree to cut the price if they truly can't afford the price. Rather, tell the mom wanting the birthday party, "Well, if you can't afford the $100 show, how about if I come with my $75 show...not as many puppets (tricks) but still a great deal of fun for your kids." You may actually present the same or similar show, but it's better business to appear to have shows of varying prices rather than being indiscriminate with your prices.


  1. bob steininger10/05/2012

    if you wanted to set prices you can state my pricies start on the average 100.00 for a birthday show for 45 minutes i think you need not to be firm with a price because sometimes you neeed to negotiate and if you list price you need to list the length time the show will be

  2. Personally, I am against publishing rates. That can come back to bite you.

    You could list a fee range - some of the "booking sites" like Gigmasters and GigSalad require those. The problem is, most people don't know what to ask an act, so the first question out of their mouth is about pricing. Fees range depending on a number of factors. You need to remove price from the conversation until you have enough information to provide an accurate quote.

    For the above mentioned individual, a quick fee range would have sufficed. If he wanted more details, you could start asking about date, location, type of event, make up of audience, technical provisions for sound, staging, etc. He'd get the idea - price depends on needs more than your performance.

  3. excellent advice Clinton! Thank you!