Question: I am having trouble with lower lip wanting to move.
My upper is fine and no jaw movement . Do you know of any extra exercises that may help the problem? or anything that help the problem?  Tom
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From Mr D:  I know having a slight smile on you face will lessen lip movement, but as for specific exercises (other than focused practice), I know of none.  Any of you readers want to comment on this matter?


  1. For what it's worth, I discovered that playing the harmonica is helpful. I think it's the continued lip pressure involved--especially when you bend notes on a harmonica, the lower lip gets more engaged, pursing and pressing against the harp. There's also a lot of side-to-side movement as you go up and down the scale to round out the lip calisthenics. After playing for a while, my lips feel toned-up and I have better lip control.

    I should write a song, The Ventriloquist Blues, to be my official lip control warm up.

  2. When you're practicing keep in mind that your tongue is effectively your "lower lip: and the roof of your mouth (or behind your teeth) is your "upper lip". Before I start a routine I like to do some lip and tongue stretching exercises to limber up so to speak. The dexterity of your tongue is very important to help prevent that lower lip from quivering. Also try doing some tongue twisters in the mirror being conscious of the idea that your tongue should be doing the work your lip use to.

  3. Anonymous10/15/2012

    Are you allowing too much air to escape through your mouth. The F and V substitutes always seem to be the worst. Small puffs of air can cause your bottom lip to move. Try to isolate what letters or vowels are causing the problem.