Comment:   With vent on the rise, what are the odds of reviving the N.A.A.V.? I would dedicate my time to it, as I believe that there needs to be a Vent organization that more members can be recruited and meet. Whaddya say?  Tony G.
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From Mr. D.  I totally understand. And I'm with you - in spirit. For years NAAV had between 2,500 and 2,750 members. Newsy Vents newsletter had double that in readership.
Then came the Internet. More and more people chose this new, faster, cheaper way to connect and chose not to renew their NAAV memberships. Finding new members/subscribers for the NAAV and Newsy Vents was increasingly difficult.  At the same time, printing and postage costs doubled. I had to reimburse more and more of the costs myself.
I decided when membership fell below 1,000 I would disband the organization. That happened in 2004.
I continued to publish the Newsy Vents through 2005, paying full costs myself. Then I dropped the printed/mailed version and switched to my daily on-line blog which I continue to this day.
I loved the old days which provided hundreds of great memories. But I have no desire to go back - too costly and too frustrating from my perspective.
If you liked Newsy Vents, you would enjoy Tom Ladshaw's "Gottle O' Geer" newsletter (which I recommend to all vents, by the way). It is free, and simple to sign up for. Go to Tom's website: http://gogproductions.com/ and sign up from the link in the lower right corner of the home page.


  1. I just signed up for "Gottle O' Geer" :-)

  2. I understand the reasons for disbanding the NAAV, but I miss it. It was neat to have an organization to belong to for our art, there's nothing now.
    It was just a nice little something on business cards too having the logo there. I know when you disbanded it you said members could still use the NAAV logo, and I've seen some have on their website or material about being a member of the NAAV, (one even says they are also a member of the SAV which has been gone even longer), but it seems kind of stupid to be claiming to be a member of an organization that doesn't exist anymore.