Insull figures - a question

Question:  I am trusting this letter finds you and your loved ones well. I am writing to you to gather some information about Len Insull figures. I have seen on your blog that some Davenport/ Insull type figures have passed through your shop for repairs and makeovers. I would like to know how the teeth are made and of what materials. Also if you could enlighten me as to how the upper lip movement is assembled would be a great help.
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From Mr. D:  The teeth of the Insull figures are made from a strip of metal, crimped to appear as teeth.   The strip is supported by wire soldered to the back side of the "teeth", but I don't remember exactly how they are mounted (on the ends or from the rear).  I've never built a figure with the raising upper lip, so I'm the wrong person to ask about specific details.  I can tell you that the concept is basically like a very wide narrow winker.  Do you have William Andersen's book, Make Your Own Dummy? In it he has a design sketch for the raising upper lip as well as numerous additional head and body animations.  (I do have a handful of copies: $10 each postpaid.)

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