How many Maher Graduates?

Comment:  I imagine that you graduated a whole lot of people from Maher Vent School.
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From Mr. D:  Over a period of 78 years (1934-present), many thousands...that record was not kept accurately, but if I had to give you an "educated" guess, I'd say 20,000+.  And there's still time to add to that number!   www.mahercourse.blogspot.com


  1. Proud to be one of them! In fact, earlier today I recommended the Maher course to someone who felt my on-line course wasn't right for their needs.

    1. Thanks, Tom. And I've referred folk to your on-line Course.

  2. And that number spreads across the globe (proudly I'm one of those graduates). The Maher Course is recognised as THE best in the world and for good reason. It's comprehensive tried and true method has taught many successful ventriloquists. If you're considering learning then I encourage you to use the Maher method.

  3. Anonymous10/11/2012

    I'm a proud graduate, & am honored to be the one who gave Tom Crowl the contact info for the course when i first met him. He's sure become a great vent in a short time! & is a HECK of a great guy to boot!! & to paraphrase a military slogan, "Be one of the many, the proud, The Mahers". Bill Smith :)