Framed Hall of Fame Coins

 Question:  Received the coins and I like them just fine.    Will you continue to offer the coin sets framed?  Norman

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From Mr. D:  Yes, I will continue to offer all sets of coins framed.   But you need to be aware the the frame styles may vary from set to set.   My dealer has a new selection every time I go in to replenish my supply.  I will be certain all frames match on any one order, but I cannot match previous frames nor guarantee a match in the future.  Note: framed sets will include a fifth coin to display the reverse of the four facial images.  (Framed price: add $15 per set.)

 I also stock albums for coin display, collecting, and preservation.  Photos and details here: www.hofcoins.blogspot.com   (The Dansco Album is my choice for my personal collection.)

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  1. P. Grecian10/03/2012

    I always buy them framed. As soon as I get the guest bedroom walls painted, I'm going to hang them on the wall with a display of photos. These coins should be out where they can be seen. :-)