Ah-ha! They know!

I designed the Hall of Fame Coins to honor and show appreciation to ventriloquists who influenced, inspired, and encouraged my personal career, and/or those who gave special support to Maher Ventriloquist Studios.  But I also want the finished coins to be a high quality product any ventriloquist would be proud to own, display, collect, and gift.  In addition, I want them to be a sound investment for all who purchase them.

For that reason, I have held the selling price of the coin sets to my actual cost or less.  The production quantities are also limited, thus guaranteeing that the value of the coin sets will increase the minute they arrive in your mail.  And now that the number of sets produced will be limited to equal the number of advance orders received, your coins will be even more rare and valuable from the outset.   Those future persons who desire to purchase earlier Hall of Fame sets will  have to do so on the secondary market - that's those of you who have planned ahead by purchasing multiple sets.

This past week I received advance orders from two individuals who each reserved a dozen or more sets of coins.  That put a smile on my face as I thought, "Ah-ha!  They know a good investment when they see it!"

I'm still taking order reservations for set #3 (Winchell, Lewis, Boley, and Weston).  I hope to have the coins in hand near the end of this month.  Thank you for your support!


  1. Hi Mr. D. Do you want paid this month or Next, Let me know, so I have your Money ready. Thanks, Bill

    1. I'll contact you for payment when I have the coins in hand. I'll estimate about 4 weeks. Thank you for your support!