Sore Throat

Question:  I am on Lesson Eight of the Maher Studio Course and am getting a sore throat. What
do you recommend to relieve the sore throat?   Or, how can I prevent myself from getting a sore throat in the first place?
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From Mr. D:  Keep a glass of liquid (water, hot tea or coffee - no milk) at hand while you practice.  Take frequent sips to avoid dry mouth and throat as you practice.  Several short practice sessions during a day are better than a single long session - even a few seconds of bonus practice as you go about your normal routine (driving, cleaning, cooking, reading newspaper, etc.) will prove beneficial.  Do not practice vocally if your throat is sore.  Also, avoid falsetto voice for the ventriloquial voice.  I don't know if you are doing this or not, but a person is more likely to experience sore throat when using a falsetto voice.  (The same is true of the "Distant" voice.)

You are using your throat muscles in a new way when you speak in the ventriloquial voice.  Just as with any new physical exercise, your muscles need to adapt and strengthen.  They will do so with practice and the likelihood of sore throat will lessen or be eliminated entirely.

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