Replacement questions

From Sandra Sladkey:

 I was so surprised when I googled Maher just now and discovered you seem to still be doing what I thought you had stopped--making vent figures. You made my Lacey Lu back in the 1980s (photo right).  I paid around $635, if I recall.  She was consumed (along with everything I owned) in a wildfire in the mountains of San Diego in 2003. It still breaks my heart today to think I didn't think to bring her along as we fled, but of course, the truly living creatures like my husband, daughter, and pets were the main focus!
So, the question is, are you still making figures? And do you still sell any of the other things you used to sell (i.e., magic)? I had a thing called Instant Painting (with Bible stories) that I enjoyed doing with the kids, and would love to find another one.
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From Mr. D:  Your Lacey Lu is a variation of the Clipper figure made by Lovik (sold by Maher Studios).  Unfortunately, I understand that mold no longer exists.  I might be able to create a similar figure for you.  (Maher Studios is closed, but I'm still building a few figures.)

The magic painting you describe was sold by Dock Haley Gospel Magic Co, and may still be available directly from them:  Email: dockhaley@gospelmagic.com.  Or online: www.GospelMagic.com

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