Terry Fator 2012-B Hall of Fame Coin

When most people think of Terry Fator, they think of America's Got Talent, or the Las Vegas Terry Fator Theater and Show located in the Mirage Hotel.  But for Adelia and me, our thoughts go back to the day when a 9 year old (maybe it was 10) youngster ordered a copy of Ventriloquism In A Nutshell from Maher Studios (a copy Terry still proudly owns, well worn though it is).  Or the exuberant preteen ventriloquist so proud of his NAAV membership eagerly awaiting each issue of his Newsy Vents newsletters which were read every word from cover to cover.  There were also the phone conversations, the orders for dialogue books and figures.  (I remember working one night to complete emergency repairs on a figure so it could be returned by air express in time for Terry's evening show two days later.)  Two characters from the Wood Carved Classic line of figures continue to be main characters in Terry's Ventriloquism In Concert Show today.   In some small way Adelia and I feel like proud parents, having been blessed to watch the Fator career progress successfully over a period of years, and thus it gives me great pleasure to award Terry Fator one of the Hall of Fame, "Gold Medals"!

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