Edgar Bergen 2012-A Hall of Fame Coin

Edger Bergen, in the opinion of many, is still, at this point and time in history, the most famous ventriloquist of all time.   He was the very first ventriloquist to enter my life, and he did so through his radio shows which I listened to as a pre-teen.  I don't know how many of the shows I enjoyed before I even came to realize Charlie McCarthy was not a real boy!  I'm sure that realization came from a picture I came in some magazine ad.  That revelation only increased my fascination, however!  I was a huge fan of Bergen, not so much because he was a ventriloquist, but because he made me laugh!  Little did I know the day would come when, as an adult, this giant star would become my friend.  Perhaps the highlight of our relationship came the evening of 1977 when Adelia and I sat at a table to enjoy a dinner meal and conversation with Edgar Bergen, his son Chris, and several other guests of honor.   When I decided to say "thanks" to the ventriloquists who have impacted my life and career, Bergen's name, not surprisingly was an easy early choice.

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  1. Anonymous7/31/2012

    Bergen was a great ventriloquist. I've got Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd figures and I watch these old shows with Bergen and I'm only 12!