A word From Mr. D...

I've had several comments about the choice of honorees on the Hall of Fame coins.    I knew my order of release would cause questions, which was the very reason I did not number the coins.   As time passes, I hope to include most everyone's favorites.  The fact that the coins are without sequential number will let people arrange their album collection in whatever manner they choose.
As sets are released I purposely am mixing past and present vents. I know some like to collect names from ventriloquism's history, while others want to own current fan favorite active  performers.  Some want both.
The fact that the primary motivation for the coins is to express appreciation and thanks to those persons who have influenced my personal career plus those ventriloquists who gave aid to the success of Maher Studios will factor into the actual order of release and may create some puzzlement.  In following posts this week I'll make some personal comments on the lineup of sets A, B, and C.

Last Fall I began making a list of ventriloquists who have impacted my career in one significant way or another.  I wanted to find a unique way to express my thanks to them in a lasting manner.   I am amazed to see the list has grown to nearly 150 vents!  I'd love to create a coin for each and every one.  But realistically, I don't have that amount of financial resources, nor will I live long enough to complete a project of such magnitude!  So, I'm making difficult choices.  Just be aware that the order of vents selected for the coins has nothing to do with who's the most talented, nor who is most popular, nor who is the best looking or eldest, or any type of favorite's ranking.   As stated before, my primary motivation for production of the coins is to express appreciation and thanks in a unique and lasting manner to those persons who have influenced my personal career plus those ventriloquists involved in the success of Maher Studios.  Chances are my list of nominated names includes any name you would put on a list of your own.   Feel free to ask.
Thanks for your support through the purchase of the coins!  Without your purchases production of subsequent sets would be impossible.  Ultimately, the fate of the Hall of Fame coin project is in the hands of the ventriloquist community.
Clinton Detweiler


  1. good looking category? I want to apply for that one!!

  2. Anonymous7/30/2012

    I think your effort is wonderful. I can't imagine anyone complaining about your selections. If they do -- tell them to mint their own... Congratuations on a well-conceived and implemented program.
    John Degel

  3. People have been kind with their comments. I have not received "complaints". More accurately what I receive are "questions of curiosity". I'd have similar questions which is why I've decided to share a few words of explanation as to my choices.

  4. Thank YOU, John, for your support of this project!

  5. P. Grecian7/30/2012

    I think your choices have been, and will be, impeccable. I'll send you a note today about purchasing that second flight.


  6. Andy Mrkvicka7/30/2012

    I love the project, and have been very pleased with everything! I look forward to the additional sets! A Bob Abdou coin would be great..if you decide to get into the wodden nickel business! (Just kidding Bob!!)

  7. Hey Clinton, I bought set #2 at the convention from Lee's table, also got the coin holders,

  8. Winkle and Wags7/30/2012

    I don't have complaint #1 as to these handsome relics of art; that's exactly what they are to me. However, as one who HAS made an inquiry as to the selection process and criteria for induction to the Hall, thanks for this post, Mr. D ... and I still say that YOU should be one of the Honorees yourself. Your own contribution to vent is incalculable.

  9. I appreciate all your words of support - thank you. Okay, I've penciled in a Clinton/Adelia Detweiler coin for the fifth or sixth set...now let's see if we can make it that far.

  10. Canon John Jordan7/30/2012

    Clinton. I'm so pleased that you are at least "penciling in" a Detweiler coin, and that you are including Adelia. It is her kind and helpful voice so many of us heard on the telephone years ago, offering every sort of help and guidance to help us along our path. I urge all readers of the "Blog" to support your coin project and help to make it happen.

  11. Here's a thought, if you do a coin on me, maybe one side could be with my toupee and the other side without my toupee.

  12. Love your comment Bob.
    I have both sets so far and am hoping there will be many more to come.
    I've got them mounted in double sided frames setting in holes cut out from felt, so I can view both sides.
    The quality and workmanship are supurb!
    Heartily recommended!

  13. Winkle and Wags7/31/2012

    The 5th or 6th set! How about the 3rd? Why take a chance when you don't have to? I can't imagine any reader of this blog n-o-t wanting you in the Hall ...

  14. Anonymous8/01/2012

    I am really looking forward to more sets, I have A + B and cannot wait for C. You are a true vent legend, and one of the nicest people. What ever order they come out, is alright with me. You know I am waiting for Willie Tyler and Paul Winchel coins. Lou T