Looking for a Ventrilo-ett

From Mariann. Martin

June 21, an ISHS member and I will be traveling to Poland for our conference. I will be doing a workshop June 28 relating to the July 8-20 summer session I am enrolled in at Haifa University.  Thanks to extensive networking within both universities, I will be visiting 4 hospitals and perhaps other educational facilities and/or a senior facility. I will be taking a vast array of props/balloons to 'play with' while traveling and to use at both universities with participants from dozens of countries.

My goal: introduce, ‘pump’, encourage USA vents, puppet makers, ‘clowning’ ‘stuff’, web sites, related conventions and so forth.  But my main goal here is to acquire a (preferred, non-seasonal) ventrilo-ett. (‘perfect’ for carry-on bag). Thus, I am seeking the ‘vent’ community’s support to help me with this endeavor.  THANKS for your interest and support.
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From Mr. D:   If you can help Mariann with her Ventrilo-ett search, drop me an email and I will forward it to Mariann.

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