Coin comment and question

Question:  Hi Clinton, I just received my vent coins series 2012-A. They are awesome.  I can't
wait until the next series. I was wondering if you had any 2 cent coins around?
I seem to have lost mine. I have the 5 dollar one. Thank You.  Lou T
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From Mr. D:  I agree, series 2012-A is awesome and the second series 2012-B will be equally so.   I hope to have them in hand in approximately two weeks.  You can see the artist proofs here: http://www.hofcoins.blogspot.com    (I am accepting advance and prepaid orders now.)
I do have a handful of the 2 cent coins.  They are: Three for $5.00

I also have the 2011 Jimmy Nelson $5 coins:  $7.50 each or two for $10.00,

and, I have the 2011 $7 ("7/11") coin: $10 each or two for $15.

The 2010 $5 coin which you have is out of supply  - don't lose the one you have!

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