Ventriloquism opens another door!

From Bill Matthews:

On my way home from a meeting in NJ this weekend, I stopped and went to a pastor's fellowship where I was scheduled to preach. Of course when I got there, everyone wanted to know if I had Larry with me. Of course I did, and the host pastor had me do a routine with him. Well, because of Larry, I got a meeting booked for THIS Sunday! They're having a special service and wanted something entertaining, so the pastor asked me to come and do junior church and a routine during the afternoon fellowship. In a few months he'll have me back to actually present our mission. That happens a lot. Ventriloquism opens a lot of doors for me and gives me plenty of opportunities to share the Good News, as well as make people smile and laugh.
Thank you, Clinton, for your help and influence over the years.
*   *   *    *    *
From Mr. D:  I have to tell you, Bill, your comments are music to my ears! And an encouragement to my heart!

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