Another Question of Identity

Question:  Can you identify the builder of one of the figures in this photo?   The figure on the right is a Davenport [Insull] of course.  The small one is a very small Frank Marshall figure. Can you tell me who built the one in the blue at the back? I had the name Craig Lovik in my head...but I don't really know. It appears to be made of some kind of hard plastic - it has moving eyes and mouth.  What kind of value would a figure like this have these days?  John
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From Mr. D:  The figure you refer to is a "Theodore Bump" figure made by Craig Lovik. The head and hands are rigid latex. It was one of Craig's more popular figures. He even published two children's books with that figure as the main character. One was titled, "Theodore Bump, What's In Your Trunk?" (I don't remember the other title.) Value these days? Wow - that's a difficult question. $450-$550???

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