Question:  Do you still sell the Ventrilo-etts figures if so how much would the Silver Robot one sell for?  Philip
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From Mr. D:  Of all the novelty puppets I've built over the years, I enjoyed building none more than the Ventrilo-etts.  Unfortunately, I could never sell them at a price that fairly represented the labor involved.  That's the only reason I do not continue to build them - sorry, but thank you for asking.  You have great taste!


  1. Anonymous5/24/2012

    Clinton, perhaps you could offer the plans to make their own ventrilo-ett. I still have the plans you sent me years ago when you offered them with the Maher Course, though I never built one.
    Bill Matthews

  2. The construction of the more recent ventrilo-etts was very different than the early puppets. But no plans exist - I simply built what I visualized which is pretty much the case for everything built in my shop.

  3. Hi Mr D.
    Wow, Yes, And you do a fantastic Job, I am impressed, Perhaps some day they will Put you on one of those collector coins, At least I hope so, A well deserved Honor, I hope to see. Please put me down for the second set of Coins, Bill me on the 2nd. Great Coins, Fantastic Detail Worthy Honorees, and valued Price for a Much Worthy Caulse, What else can you ask for, I am glad that you told me about the set. Impressive for anyonw who loves Ventriloquism and enjoys the better things in life. Thanks Mr. D.