Repair and upgrade services

 From Allen Fuller

I recalled reading on your blog (9/8/11) about your son Kevin's upgrade services.  Since I had finally decided to have my Simon Sez upgraded, I contacted him and he agreed to take on the project.  It has been completed.
Kevin did fantastic work.  Simon looks even better than I had
anticipated. Thanks for the information about Kevin's service. 

When I perform for small children, I will most likely use Simon since I kept him at the 30 inch size.  For some reason, I have never liked working with soft figures/puppets.
*  *  *  *  *
From Mr. D:  Yes, Kevin does oustanding work - better than his Dad, from my perspective!  If anyone reading this has a figure needing upgrade or repair, you can contact Kevin at: animatedpuppets@charter.net


  1. Are you going to put up with that comment about Kevin being better than you? Oops, I see you made the comment. You are too humble. You do great work. Do you mind if I do the Vulcan mind melt with you so I can learn how to do all the things you do with vent puppets? I'll even make a few ventriloquets for you. Thanks for everything you do and for this blog.

  2. Anonymous6/15/2012

    Hey, my mom had a Simon Sez with turning head and moving eyes as a child. He is one of the many great vent figures!