Movie Life or Charlie McCarthy

Charlie, in a play suit, shared first picture with a
figure named Laura.  Note Bergen's magic props.
Yes, if you guessed the ventriloquist pictured as a tot in yesterday's post was Edgar Bergen you were correct.  The pictures come from a 48 photo collection printed in a 1940's magazine, chronicling the "life" of Charlie McCarthy.  It is fascinating to read and see - five large full page spreads.  I have one original set of the pages themselves (not copies), taken directly from the magazine, for sale on eBay.  You see the first page below.  I have photos showing all 5 pages on the eBay listing:

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  1. Anonymous5/16/2012

    I love how well Bergen marketed himself and Charlie. He did such a great job of it people spread the wildest stories such as Charlie had his own bed that Bergen would tuck him into each night. Edgar created a living being from Charlie and that is why he is one of the greatest ventriloquists.