Hall of Fame Coins - Do you have yours?

From Winkle and Wags: "There have been so many comments on these coins that I thought 'Why add to it?'. Then, I decided, 'Well ... one more couldn't hurt' even thought I'm sure there'll be more than 'one more'. Everything you've read is the absolute truth. These handsome coins are quality merchandise that display excellent craftsmanship. The detail is truly fine; the hinges on Pedro's box, Mortimer's buck-teeth, Farfel's teeth. It's quite hard to see how this set could be improved on. I guess I like the Jimmy Nelson one best, because it honors a wonderfully gifted performer that is still with us. He can appreciate this tribute himself; not having family members do it after his passing. I'm glad that this fine gentleman (accent on 'gentle') can see this coin himself. I know that many folks look forward to the month of June for 'summer', but now I can think of some that look forward to it for 'coins'."

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  1. Winkle and Wags5/16/2012

    Wow! Over time, I've sent in several messages to be posted and they always were, so I'm glad you found them worthy. However, this is the first time I've ever made the front page and I'm indeed honored. I thank you, sir, that you found my post good enough for top billing. Thanks, Mr. D.!