Future Hall of Fame Coins

Questions:  You have noted that the next "set will feature four favorite ventriloquists who are actively performing today." This is a very exciting project and I have some questions. Will these next four be the last set of HoF coins?   Or do you have plans for more?   How many new sets of HoF coins do you intend to produce? Thanks.  PS:   Will Clinton Detweiler be entering the Hall of Fame? I certainly hope so.......
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From Mr. D: It takes the sale of 125-150 sets to recover the cost of producing that set of four coins.  I put all $$ received from coin sales aside to help pay for the next set.  As long as sales reach 125-150 per set, I plan to continue to release new sets.  I'm not doing this project for personal profit, but I do need to have it pay for itself to continue.   Only time will tell how many coins will actually be produced.  As for a Clinton Detweiler coin?  He'll have to get in line like everyone else (and it's a long line.  :-)


  1. Anonymous5/07/2012

    It is great to see that such professionals as Steve Axtel, Jim Barber, Terry Fator and Mark Wade, to name just four, have not thought it beneath their dignity to support the Hall of Fame Coin Project. Perhaps others, now in the limelight who have not been supporters, will not be surprised if a coin is not struck in their name until such time as they climb aboard. By popular demand, the Detweiler coin ought to be very close to the front of the line.

  2. Anonymous5/08/2012

    I certainly hope that a 'Clinton Detweiler' coin will be included in the next set.I will commit to purchasing a set of the next four coin issue right now, if it includes a Clinton Detweiler coin. I would even make my payment in advance. I would encourage all fellow vents to join me. We need to acknowledge what Mr. D. has done and is doing for ventriloquism, as well as for each of us as individual ventriloquists! The 'Hall Of Fame' coin collection would be incomplete, and could even be considered as 'invalid' unless his coin is included. For me, The 'Clinton Detweiler' coin would, without a question, be the most cherished, by far!

    Wilson Kindred

  3. I agree, Clinton Detweiler needs to be on a coin very soon. By the way, Clinton, do you want a picture of Joe and I for your next set of HOF coins? Joe thinks we should send several so you can choose the best one. He says he is just trying to make your job a little easier. Of course you could always use that picture of Joe and Murphy the cat if you want. LOL