"Dialogue" magazine sale!

Wow!  George Boosey provided this set of nearly 50 different Dialogue ventriloquist magazines.  I will be listing them on his behalf on eBay soon (tomorrow, I hope), and I'll provide the links for you.  The issues cover a period from 1986-1999.  Don't miss out on this rare opportunity!

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  1. Wow Mr. D.
    That sounds Great,
    As others, I too, will look forward to the post on E-bay as well as any follow up on here. Good Luck, Saturday, I went to a small but fun Church Picnic, I took the Blues Brothers, I didn't get up infront of the croud and sing or Play Guitar, as a lot were, I was Going to Sing the song Amazing Grace and talk a little about There Mission From God, Hopefully I would get over the stage Fright, or the fact that I know I stink and would probably fale, So I just went around talking to the kids of all ages, Most were Adults, A day later, I seen one of the Ladies at Wolly World, She said where are your Friends? We talked, She Does Prison Ministeries, And Church Activities, She wants me to get with her and do some things, She said she had alot of Compliments on the Blues Brothers! Maybe she will know a way I can help my real Kids! Thanks, Bill