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Question:   I recently purchased Clyde/Skeeter Lovik figure.  I am having problems with his mouth sticking a little, I thought it may have been the humidity here in Florida but it is not getting any better. Any thought or suggestions would be extremely helpful Thank you.
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From Mr. D:  It appears the mouth is very tight along the sides of the mouth.  Humidity may be a factor, but probably not a major one.  I suggest you insert a metal fingernail file into the slots along side the mouth and file in and out at any spot that feels extra tight.  This should solve the problem for you.  If not, you can send the head to me and I'll fix the problem for you.

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  1. Anonymous3/13/2012

    Around fifteen years ago, I purchased a "Comical Clyde", and the mouth stuck in the midst of a performance. Clinton's home remedy fixed the problem quickly, and there was no further problem.
    Perhaps there was a generic problem with the mouth opening on this dummy's mold.