Course in figure repair?

Question:  If I can swing it, would you ever offer a crash course in how to fix head mechanics in an emergency? I do not have the skill to build a head or design workings inside the head. I think it would be worth a trip to Colorado. RW
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From Mr. D:  Most figure repairs are pretty basic and self-explanatory once the head is opened.  And in some cases, opening the head is not necessary at all.  I frequently give such advice and direction to people via email.  For me repairs are pretty much "create as you go" - figures vary so much.  With your Danny and the broken rubber band to the mouth, (which I just received), because it is the older model doll manufactured in the US - the mouth pulls out from the head.  My task will be to find a way to fasten a spring to it (rather than rubber band) working through the mouth opening to do so.  As I write this, I really don't know how I will do it, but I'm fairly confident, using wire hooks and needle nose pliers, I'll find a way.  :-)


  1. Anonymous3/11/2012

    I have a very old Jerry Mahony doll all the surface paint is cracking...is there anyway that this can be fixed but keeping Jerry as original as possible.

  2. Yes, your Jerry can be repaired and restored, but you will want the work done by someone experienced in the repair and repainting of antique dolls. I do not have anyone in mind, other than an Internet search.