Female character?

Question:  I am looking for a female ventriloquist figure to add among my community programs for the Norfolk Sheriff's Office school programs   It doesn't have to be new, second hand in good shape is okay.  Do you have any figure in your shop available?  Bob
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From Mr. D:  You are the third person in as many weeks to ask about a female figure.  I do not have a female character ready to offer, but I'm going to give it some serious thought.  Maybe I can look through my file of Miller illustrations and see if there is a character there I might use as inspiration...I'll put it on my shop "think-about" list
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Since sending his original inquiry, Bob was able to purchase a figure I built in the '80s (right).  I am pleased to see her in good hands and back in action! 

In the photo below you see Bob's new team photo with the girl figure he calls "Mary Sue".

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  1. I have used Mary Sue six times so far and the children really like her, both girls and boys.
    Thanks Clinton.

    Also, I have posted 4 new videos from Hong Kong and mainland China on the below video channel for interested vents.
    Bob Walsh