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"Clinton, I wanted to thank you so much for allowing me to purchase a bit of vent history! The coins are just what I had been expecting from you. The quality is great and I can hardly believe all the detail in each one. One day, they might be worth a great deal, monetarily. But, that's not why I bought them. I'm proud to own a piece of my history, since I grew up watching three of the men, engraved on the coins, on a black and white television. Edgar Bergen, Senor Wences and Jimmy Nelson all played a part in my life as I was growing up and their vent skills are a happy bit of my childhood that helped me become the man I am today. Looking at the coins, it brings back a lot of happy memories. Thanks again for your part in this historic project!"  Danny L. Jones

Have you ordered your set?  http://hofcoins.blogspot.com

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