"Who goes there?"

A few days ago I read this post on the Worldvent list:

"We are looking for Ventriloquist Dummies,damaged dolls, Parts of any kinds (heads, arms, legs, etc.) and, and Scary, creepy, anything. Any age, any condition. We are a non profit 501c3 month long event, Idyllwild's Haunted Ghost Town, raising funds for Educational Programs, and Ida Wild (one of our best scenes) has a room full of these. Do you have anything, or know where we can find them? We are extremely low budget.   Idyllwild's Haunted Ghost Town, Idyllwild (CA) PTA."

Sounds a bit like a description of my shop if visited in the twilight!  (Photo taken 2/20/12)


  1. Anonymous2/24/2012

    I've heard that two heads are better than one, but . . .

    Bill Matthews

  2. wow.. I didnt know Idyllwild had a ghost town.. Im checking that out next visit... awesome

  3. Anonymous2/25/2012

    Oh look, there's No-Body here.
    Geoffrey, Australia.

  4. Anonymous2/25/2012

    "Put your hand up if you think we're upside down"...........
    just had to add another comment, just couldn't resist........
    Geoffrey, Australia.